For Restaurants:

Manage Your Menu is here to help restaurants have their menus found. Use to manage your menu and help people find your restaurant who are searching for something that you have on your menu. Post your menu on Facebook, Twitter, and your own website and get it updated and managed in one place, We also hold weekly webinars to showcase what all can do for your restaurant, bar or food truck. If you'd like to attend a free 30 minute webinar you can signup here. Join our Free weekly webinar.

View cravely on all your devices

Restaurant Website: lets you embed your menu directly to your website. This means anytime you update your menu via your website will instantly be updated.

Post your menu to your website


Embed your menu to Facebook allowing all your Facebook followers to quickly see your latest menu.

Menu on Facebook


Quickly share your menu on Twitter allowing all your Twitter followers to click and see your menu. The menu will also be mobile friendly for all those mobile users!


Did you just run out of drink menus or appetizer menus? Did you just update your menu and you need to post them on your table for your servers? No problem, login to and print off your latest menu.

Print your restaurant menu anytime.

Engage your customers

How many customers do you see taking photos of your dishes? What do they do with those pics? Before you may get lucky and they would tweet you or tag your business in the post, but now you can ask them to share that pic directly with you. Engage your customers to share those food pics with you so you can post them on your menu or enter them to win prizes or learn about specials and more.

have your customers take photos of your food

Learn about new trends lets you know what people in your area are craving. also shows you monthly food trends, what’s the most common menu item, what’s the most shared food pics and much more.

have your customers take photos of your food have your customers take photos of your food

For Consumers:

Search Your Craving

It is as simple as that. What are you craving? Type it in, and will tell you what restaurant menus have it. No more searching by only reviews, or categories and not knowing what the restaurant has on their menu.

Cravely on your phone

Menus Close By:

Don’t know what you are hungry for? No problem, we have a button for that to. Search menus close to your current location, and try something new.

Find the closest menus to your location

Share Food Pics:

Do you pull out your phone and take photos of the food that you are about to eat? Share those pics with so everyone can see the food they are craving.

Share pics of the food you discover